Secured Loan Comparison Sites

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twentyNow let’s take a look at comparison sites online that promise to help you the best and lowest rate in the market. Some comparison sites promise free service, hence this means they get the commission from the creditor for every referral, which should be good news to you since you don’t have to pay anything extra for their service. The other comparison sites include a calculation of their commission before or after your quote are given to you so you can see flat out how much you have to pay them. The good thing here is that some loans are only offered through these comparison sites and you may not have found a way to see them if you were doing the search and the application on your own.


This comparison site has a very clear table where you can compare the top 10 secured loans they can find. You will be able to see the minimum and maximum amount you can borrow, the maximum loan to value for every offer, the minimum and maximum term as well as the variable interest rate. You can also find the basic qualification details right there on the table. It’s very straightforward and easy to understand. You can do a quick search and you don’t have to fill out any forms for you to see those deals. The downside though is that the offers are not personalized. You get general quotes, which may or may not be applicable to your situation. There might be stuff there that is irrelevant to what you are looking for that could just confuse you. This website though as a lot of information about finance that could help you a lot. They offer quotes on almost all kinds of loans, not only secured loans so you can have a quick look at other options you have. Then again, this might confuse you a bit. A quick comparison on their site will lead you straight to your chosen creditor’s website for the processing of your application. It would seem that the commission they get is referral based so any application that comes from Money.Co.UK’s website will be counted and you won’t have to pay for broker commission flat out.


You get a lot of information about secured loans and other options in this loan comparison site. They specialize in secured loans as the name states and the general process of things here is quick. The good thing is that if you have actually decided to go for a secured loan, you can see secured loan options so anything else doesn’t confuse you. The comparison service is free and it’s easy. Since you have to fill out a form to get quotes, the quotes you receive are personalized, meaning applicable to your situation, to your needs and to what you are capable of. There are many types of secured loans discussed there so you can get a clear picture of what each kind is. You can also find some guides in choosing the right offer, finding the best offer, managing your finances and what not. The process at QuickSecuredLoans is easy, you fill out the form, you compare rates and then you choose the best one before you apply. If you have any questions, you can contact them or you can read information on their website to help you understand things better.

Pounds To Pocket

This secured loan comparison site is quite popular since they promise very fast transaction with as little as 10 minutes for transfers. They specialize in bad credit secured loans so if you’re one with credit problems and you need cash fast, you can get the services of this website to help you out. You will notice though that the APRs on the fast cash loans you will see there are very high so you have to be very careful and consider how important it is for you to get a fast cash loan that you could end up paying for a very long time.

Ocean Finance

The flat out promise of Ocean Finance when you avail of their service are finding the best secured loans that could lend you from 5,000 to 125,000 pounds, advice from the qualified loan consultants and no upfront fee. You also have to fill out a form so you can get personalized quotes. You can compare and if you decide to choose one that they offer, you can apply through them and they can assist you. The most valuable service they offer is the help and advice from loan consultants as there may be many things for you to consider if you are putting up your home as collateral. You have to understand the risks involved and not get too excited with the low rates because secured loans are long term commitments that you will be bound with and that you will have to do all your best to avoid risking your home to repossession. You can do an online comparison through the Ocean Finance website or you can call them directly to ask questions or set an appointment. Whatever suits you, do it before you commit. Find out everything you can and again, do your homework!

The Loans Engine

This is an online secured loan-processing site that promises fast processing and the best available rates for secured loans they can find for you. You can do everything online or you can have them call you back to further discuss what you want to apply for. They use a quotation credit search so there is really no hit on your credit but you do get accurate quotes for interest rates. Again, since you can have everything processed online, you may find yourself excited and just keep on clicking and filling out everything. There are a lot of things to consider so if I were you, I would have them call me back for further discussion before I go ahead with the application.

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