Shawbrook Bank

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Shawbrook Bank’s Platinum Exclusive Secured Loan is a homeowner’s loan that has the lowest interest rate I have come across with. The loan is offered for 3 to 25 years and the loan to value amount is up to 50%.

Shawbrook is a fair lender. They perform strict credit checks and do this to make sure you can afford the loan before they agree to let you borrow. They can give you advice and some information. The secured loans offered by Shawbrook can be arranged with the help of brokers. They only deal with licensed brokers who strictly follow they rules. The brokers will explain everything to you so it is important that you find one that would be eager to assist you and not only make commission out of you. There are many online secured loan brokers like Quick Secured Loans where you can get free comparison service of different loans and a team that could help you with the technical vocabularies of your terms and conditions. That will help you a great deal because the bank may only have so much time explaining everything to you so it’s better you go there equipped with the advice your broker has given you already.

Another good point that Shawbrook has is their latest release of the 95% loan to value product for homeowners who are employed. This should give a great deal of flexibility to those looking to get the maximum amount for a loan they badly need. Shawbrook aims to always be a step ahead of the competitors and this product is one way to do that. This is a bold move as deemed by other lenders but for borrowers, it could be a real lifesaver.

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